Plans for flats

My latest Lease Plan job was creating land registry compliant plans for a property developer in Surrey. I never know what I’m going to find at a site (and the range is extreme – from a basement shop with no electricity and no floor to one of the most expensive flats in London opposite Harrods). On this job, I found a lovely property developer and 14 flats which were just at the fit-out stage.

With builders still on site the developer proudly showed me round his project. He clearly cares deeply about the flats he’s building and I think he’s done a lovely job. Each individual flat is a well planned space, and the carefully considered communal areas will, I think, add a feeling of community to the development once the flats have been occupied.

A central courtyard open to the sky gives the block an almost Italianate feel. Not an easy thing to achieve from something that used to be a town centre office.  The flats range from an impressive top floor two bed with views of higgledipiggledy rooftops of the town with the Surrey hills in the distance to a more affordable one bed with well proportioned rooms that make good use of the space and available light.

I think this developer is doing a great job at turning unused commercial spaces into appealing, affordable homes. I look forward to seeing his future projects.