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In this new blog, I’ll tell you the latest about London Lease Plans for Property.

Latest News

Phew… What a couple of years.  Covid-19 has been a challenge for Lease Plans Online, but we have managed to keep our heads above water and continue to provide Lease Plans in and around London. More and more work has been remote, with clients providing plans that I work from.  This has worked really well, and kept site visits down to a minimum.  Its amazing how many people already have existing floor plans of their property.  Clients often have either estate agent plans or architect plans, which when combined with old lease documents, Google maps, photographs and sketches from the owner, can be used to create a new, accurate, Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan for the property!

Remote Working

Working remotely also helps widen our coverage area, so its not just London property Lease plans that we can now do. If plans are provided, we can take on national property projects and its much cheaper for clients this way. Give us a call on 07795 565853 to discuss your project and whether site visits can be avoided, keeping costs down.

Land Registry Compliant Plan for use in Transferring registered land from one owner to another
Land Registry Compliant Transfer Plan

I miss going out and about quite so much though! I’m looking forward to a busy 2023 with lots more interesting properties to visit and lease plans to draw up.  At Lease Plans Online, we always wear appropriate PPE and use hand sanitiser before, during and after visits. We keep London covered for Lease Plans for Property!

For more information on having plans drawn up without a site visit, check out

Hidden London

One thing I really love about my job is getting to see hidden bits of London. From secret rooms to hidden passages, have a look at this website to see like-minded posts! Look out for my upcoming blog about some of the cool hidden things I’ve seen on my travels!

Houses of London - London Lease Plans for Property
Secret view from the back of a recent London Lease Plan