Plans For Transfer

What is a Plan for Transfer?

When land is being transferred (sold), there needs to be a clear and accurate way to describe the land being transferred.  Often the land being transferred is part of an existing title, so a Transfer plan can help illustrate what land is being transferred out of a title.

The plan should be Land Registry Compliant (to a scale of 1:500 or 1:1250), have a north point.  As no two pieces of land are the same, each transfer plan is individual.

Plans are drawn by starting with Ordnance Survey detail then on site measurements are used to correctly denote the land being transferred.  Existing title documents that are to be effected are overlaid to show the effect of the transfer on existing titles.  In the example below two existing titles were having sections sold off – The red line shows the area to be transferred, the yellow and blue areas show the existing titles to which the land belongs.

Land Registry Compliant Plan for use in Transferring registered land from one owner to another

Land Registry Compliant Transfer Plan

If you need a plan for transferring part of a registered title please call or text on 07795565853 or